A Room in Camp’s Mansion

Queer life is unrepentantly disordered, non-repetetive, and always contingent. This project accepts the normative domestic space of the apartment not as a prescriptive diagram for life, but as the raw material for building it anew.

︎ 2017

Ordinary Wormholes

Reports of neighborly anomalies are collected, investigated, and redeployed as a scheme for urban making. Our protagonist, the humble window, configures constellations of domestic space.

︎  2018

The Grandest Canyon

Orthography applied to trash reads like the opposite of archaeology, embracing obscurity and undermining specificity. In drawings, the seemingly stable rules of projection are mis-used to produce disorder and inscrutability, positioning the architect as the possible opposite of the archaeologist, diving head-first into the strange pseudo-structures of entropy.

︎ 2017

A Bank for Burbank

This project is really three projects - one site in Burbank, two banks across an intersection, three takes on the various meanings of the word ‘relief’ at different scales. ‘Relief’ is an ambiguous word with meanings familiar and unfamiliar to architecture. Some of these meanings might imply subtle conflicts, which we like.

︎ 2016

Big Bed

Ideas on collective sleep and an architecture of belonging for a hotel in Doha, Qatar.The lonely plush-box room is reimagined as a network of smaller sleeping semi-shared sleeping places. The hotel’s public programs (galleries, pools, and gardens) are reimagined as shared living rooms, collective spaces that allow for greater social connection within the hotel.