(in progress)

Seeking an architecture somewhere between two definitions of ‘camp’. 

Harvard Graduate School of Design
Thesis advised by Jennifer Bonner
January 2019

The Grandest Canyon

A configuration of things in deep time. A potential architecture in the ruins of the Anthropocene. An architecture for critters and chthonic ones alike.

Harvard Graduate School of Design
Mack Scogin studio
Spring 2018

Bank 1, Bank I

In one of two banks at a Burbank intersection, big boxes jostle for space. Blank servers and over-sized cubicles for a shotgun-style office plan, with gaps offering glimpses between.

With Caroline Chao

Harvard Graduate School of Design
Andrew Atwood + Anna Neimark Studio
Fall 2017

Big Bed

Ideas on collective sleep for a hotel tower in Doha, Qatar.

Harvard Graduate School of Design
Vincent Bandy Studio
Fall 2016

The Archive

The Archive traffics in the storage, analysis, and destruction of Los Angeles’ secrets. Amenities include whistle-blower hideouts, plate-smashing pits, industrial incinerators, a whisper bar, and coming-out amphitheaters.

University of Southern California
Laurel Consuelo Broughton Studio
Fall 2013